The Switch


What if, even for just a day, those who hate the "different",  themselves became the "different" that they dedicate every minute, every hour, every day, week, month, year, their entire lifetimes to go out of their way, and hate. Let's say, they switch. What would that do? Would it do anything? Would these people who judge every type of "different" there is, realize how they hurt the "different" or would they now hate the "normal"?  Would they realize that the "different" are men and women and children, who just want to live the lives that they were given, and not have to worry about the hate that they receive? Would they realize that a boy who has acne is still a boy? Would they realize that an overweight man is still a man? That a pregnant teenage girl is still just a teenage girl? That a single mother is just a mother? Would they ever realize that just because someone is "different", they are still human beings? Or would it just stay the same?


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