Swimming: The Best Part of Fall

Summer is always filled with good weather,


happiness is abundant with birds a-flutter.


All of that ends when school comes along,


but to feel sad would certainly be wrong.


What makes me happy on a gloomy school day?


Swimming around like tomorrow's far away.


I'd swim all day to get away from school.


Because to me, swimming is a stress-relieving tool.


I may not be the best, but greatness is overrated to be.


My smile shows that swimming is more than that to me.


You are free to tell fall to take a hike,


while I celebrate swimming and fall alike.


Fly, Back, Breast, and Free


what more could one need to please.


Oh and competing, that's the best part.


Swim meets are certain to warm a cold heart.


School is boring but if you ask me,


the end of summer is more than that to be.




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