Ok. We need to talk about swimming. Going to the pool and running into friends is something most people love.

The feeling of the refreshing air and the warmth of the summer sun just feels so good.

Smiles and giggles can be heard all around. But what about the people who can't float? What about the people

who are too afraid to swim? Do you push them in so they just get "Used" to the water, or do you sit and watch?

Anxiety pushes you in, and most of the time, you have no choice. The lifeguards dont help you because you

have already pushed them away and dont want to seem needy or weak to them. You ignore the lifejacket

because you don't want to look dumb. The lifeguards have stepped away, and you are being

swept towards a whirlpool of implosion. You succumb to the waves because to fight the current disoriented

is too hard. You wait and you wait and you wallow in misery waiting for it to be over, but it never ends.

You keep getting sucked in with no way to escape, no way to wait out the storm. Your legs get tired after a while,

and everything becomes a panicked blur and you cant find the way back to where you felt safe. You start trying to

float only using your arms but the seaweeed below grabs you pulls you towards those what-if questions. If you let go, you drown.

If you fight, you'll eventually tire out. Being a lifeline is better than watching someone swirl into the darkest

depths of the sick mind.

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