Swim, Fishy Fishy

I'm a tiny little fish

In a great big pond 

And before you fucking know it,

I'm up and gone.


So many memories,

Not many of them good.

This place was such a joke,

Now I'm off

To a bigger world.


They said, "Welcome to the prom,

Where's your dress?

Where's your up-do?"

Honey, I don't know - 

Where's your brain?

How bout "fuck you"


Also, "Focus on your grades, girl

Focus on your looks.

Play a fucking sport or something."

I think I'll open up a book...


I'm a tiny little fish,

But you know what?

Fuck that!

Forget the fish,

And screw the pond,

I've hated everyone all along.



This started with me thinking about how freshman are the "little fish" and seniors are "big fish", yet in one year seniors go right back to being little fish. Then, a bit more thinking (I try to do that often) lead to the conclusion that we are all the "little fish" - in this great, big world of a pond. Despite this, we all do our best to be the "big fish", to be bigger and more influential than most of us have hopes of being.

I think my favorite part of this poem is how shockingly accurate it is. If you look no further than the surface of the poem, the symbolism is obvoius - In case it wasn't obvious enough, the fish are my fellow students and the pond is representative of high school. And it works - different species of fish are different cliques, who still talk to and easily coexist with other "species" even if no common interests or personality traits are shared. 

And, if I am being honest with myself, the chances of me contacting most of the people i met in high school are slim to none, even those I currently consider good friends. This is the case for most people.

Anyhoo I'm not really into poetry I'm really just a cynical, moody senior in high school who needs money for college and the #YOWO Poetry Slam came up on a list of scholorships I qualify for.

Thank you for reading my poem.


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