A Sweet Word from Someone Close

Dear Janayah,


It’s probably becoming a little harder than expected.

Just breathe.

Even if it is in



Tragic beats,

Just breathe.

You are going to be okay.


Right now,

In this very moment,

You are happy,

You have reached an inner peace.

You have found yourself.

You have found freedom in the form of truth.

Continue to search for truth,

Uncover the world you long for.

Let go and recognize when you must mend yourself.


You will have conflicts.

You will be conflicted.

But you must not coexist with your pain.

You have to allow it to pass.

Then you must reject,


Dismantle the fear,

And liberate others.  


Sometimes, what you most deeply yearn for,

Already resides within you,

But other times you must rid yourself

Of anything that forsakes your spirit.

You hold so much light

So shine bright.


For your own sake,

Love yourself!

Even when you say something outrageous,

Even when you can’t get out of bed,

Even when he says he doesn’t love you in the same way,


Because you are never by yourself


Remain unapologetic.

Walk this life with your shoulders back,

And your head high

Read constantly,

Absorb new information, even when it's painful.

And don’t forget to write!

Love hard,

But set boundaries.

Remain empowered, articulate, and protective of your light

And remeber,

You are more powerful than you can ever imagine.


With love,



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