The Sweet Voice

I slam the door at my houe

Another bad day

I'm stressed to the max

Ready to graduate

But then I hear a voice

From across the room

That erases my sadness

And deminishes my gloom

"How was your day?"

His sweet voice said

I glanced up with a grin

And sat on the bed

"A lot better now"

I told him with a smile

He gave me a bear hug

That lasted a while

I tell him about my day

Every horrid detail

And he listens intently

Like always, without fail

Then he tells me a joke

That makes me laugh till I'm sick

And it feels like my bad day

Didn't exist

Any day that I'm down

Or feeling pretty glum

I know my sweet boyfried

Will do something dumb

That makes me smile or laugh

And give him a hug

Because he makes me happy

And makes me feel so loved










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