Sweet Pea

I’m broken

I’ve broken myself.

Depressing thoughts, usually of killing myself.

It says no to me,

No blue skies no starry night for me

But I long to see . . .

And so I traveled across the sea in hopes of losing track of me

Further and further

where the world surely meets the abyss

But then this.

I see you and who could have knew

you’d spark in me the feeling of love so deep

You’re broken

Who broke you?

Who could be so cruel to damage a star that shines as bright as you

Your father, you mother, your sister, some other

Thing, on your mind

What’s on your mind, love?

If you could be so kind as to tell me why your so clouded and doubting your mind.

That’s ok,

There is no debate that your smile makes my day

And I’m happy as long as your comfy

With me

You love me

I’m your diamond and pearl

Well you’re where the shore me the sea

Where galaxies gather explode and fill your eyes

With kindness and love.

It’s almost a gift from above


It’s even better because its real

There no way that heaven couldn’t feel like you

I love you

Seeing you happy, playing with your hair,

So hungry for love, so desperate to latch on

They love me so gently, so wholly

I don’t know what to do.

Fed me love slowly and surely, healthy amounts

Till meat grew on my bones and my heart grew to times as big.

I love you because you love me

Your love makes me want to love myself, be happy for myself

It feels like takin an old book of a shelf

Reading to rediscover the feeling of living

I’m so glad to have met you

It’s easy you love, cliché but true

I love being with you

Because I love you

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