Sweet Jazz

There I was listening and minding my own business

when something in me stlartled and was awakened as If we had 

known each other for a long long long time

Its smooth , calm melodies and with gentle thrust moving me 

just like the waves in the ocean 

Its delicacy like silky sheets it enamoring me for the very first time 

And I though there had been so many time lost hiding my true love from afar 

It was true I confess Jazz as the intricate sound taking me places I had never been 

Since that moment I could no longer hide it the lover of my soul 

strike every cord , placing parts together in my soul I thought had been dead and lost

Giving me nostalgia of my youth in European lands  where I 

learned the sympony and harmony on lyric sheets and experiencing every  flat, tune note 

come together in unision  after try and error  , not comprehendong that mathematical count were been 

added with its prolonged pauses and momentum attributed to the many long seessions 

of rehersing on a fleut  or singing as my lungs felt as if they popped out of my chest 

Blushing from sweat nerves from seeing my lover as the companion rescuing me at night 

There where no sound was heard just the whispers and low beats, and it was evident of our 

soul interlaced connection. I never knew any song genre that could read me and understand 

my pain and trajectory of supressed infancy and exposed the destorted images of dysfunction 

and in exchange give me feelings of elated Joy  

I heard and stood there while the extravagant rhytms , ballad , blues tunes intice my mind

they eloquently spoke words that read my heart and interpreted  with its dialects simialr to 

the ones from my African homeland , beats of drums, the times my youthful minitured

fingers swiftly touched the holes as a figure of delicacy on a fleut 

Singing , gasping, singing loudly at the meloncholic melodies played at my own finger 

touching the strings of the curves in a acoustic guitar  









This poem is about: 
My country


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