Sweet Child of Mine (a tribute to my Mom's perseverance for embracing my little brother who has autism)


This sweet child of mine

The joys, the tears, the time

Words can not define

This sweet child of mine


Every milestone he completes

Can often follow with some defeat

Yet he tries in spite of fate

He is not capable of having hate


Some days are good and others bad

Yet he knows not, how to be sad


His world is special and he loves to share

but, often at times others don't care


To have a friend, one true friend would be great,

Only to realize he can't relate


This sweet child of mine

his heart is big

and his smile true

I thank the angels for giving me you


He has taught me much

and has showed me love

His presence is clearly from above


No he is not like any other sister or brother

I am learning what it is to be a mother


My heart is full and heavy too

I thank each day I have with you

This sweet child of mine


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