Sat, 06/15/2013 - 23:36 -- sbrito5


United States
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The world’s open mouth gapes,
and swallows all those who enter.
We are all a caged animal here,
made to make this place better.
The reason we are put here,
is what we search for a shine.
But how can we really live,
if we only ever look behind.
We must open our eyes,
to the sun, the beat, the light.
Our hearts can beat as one,
if we only look to the sky.
So, so many never look up,
and miss the beauty all around.
We miss the sound of birds,
of flutters, what a pure sound.
We stomp, smash, burn, destroy,
take what we can and can’t.
Then we cry out to that very sky,
who’s given us water and sand.
We ask it, “Why?” though we know,
the world hasn’t turn on us at all.
We turned on the place we’re given,
stomp out its beauty to make it fall.
The world’s mouth, once so open,
is now closed to the ill we’ve spread.
Mother Nature has turned her back,
no longer giving us her leaf bed.
We spend forever looking back,
and trying to find a purpose here…
But how can we find such a thing,
when we’re so very full of fear?
Rejection, lies, hate, even death,
we fear it all and it guides our moves.
Rise! Rise! Rise! Stand up and out,
show the world what you’re made of!
Make a change, and move forward,
remove the shackles you so ‘love’.
Love yourself, your life, your world,
enjoy the things you’ve been given today.
Because what’s the point of living a life,
so consumed, so caught up in yesterday?
The world has opened its arms to you,
so open your arms and eyes as well.
Accept what you’ve been given,
don’t fear what happened when you fell.
Look forward, build yourself high,
let your voice soar as your opinions are heard!
Because the world deserves to know,
all that it, for so long, has helped you learn.


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