I write because I'm inspired by my real life's story. Because from my point of veiw it makes 'regular' seem less boring. Ans at the tip of my pencil's point, trust me theres no graphite. Sometimes what leaks from it's tip could be the sanity of my old mind. I wrote in the dark, in my room around midnight. A tear is still as salty in the dark as it is in light. In the past if my pillow had ever had a breath of life, it must've died drowning in all of the tears that I used to cry. I used to cry so much that I had enough tears I could to lend to you. Broken promises, crushed dreams, and reality kept em rolling too. Then one night I remembered, "your pastor expects to see some books from you." I slept with a pen and paper and wrote what I was going through.  Utilizing my ABC's to write a rhyme that flowed in syncopation with my 123's proved to be very beneficial to me. And I'm airing this out for the whole world to see. Sometimes I still get down and stay up writing till three. But for the most part I'll be asleep, or up watching t.v. Or up surfing the internet and happen to see, a scholarship to write about what poetry means to me.  


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