Sustained Incantations

Tue, 08/06/2013 - 02:34 -- snow412


Darkness leaks into my head, As if Demons were pouring it in, Mumbling silent incantations.    The world, as we know it, is on the move again, And I am often alon in heightened frustration. Why does everything seem to leak into my brain? Where can I find my own heart without illusions? Must I suffer constant confustion?                                                                                  ~From the darkened sludge, This ink is my release. It writes over the fate before it, Solidifying perceived reality, Pen tip to molecules. This is a true day’s labor— Weaving destiny into an alterable tapestry. My body is in constant entropy, Traipsing down life’s road  Where I am alone.         ~  Writing and bemoaning existence, Love appears. Like a lily holding the world, It cradles a song. This melody drifts softly Into my ears while it Lulls me to sleep, Repairing discontent. I awaken inside the flower’s heart, Being sustained by light, And am enfolded in its affection. This is a new world… Or mayhap an older world Full of forgotten lore and fortitude. Yet, I am still aware of the dripping of time, Clock winding down the  Hours, minutes, and seconds   Of our lives.  We think blissfully,such a love and life was built To last.                                     ~  Silent incantations thought long forgotten Appear once more beneath The pen tip of written hope, Blighting the once growing lilies that sang so sweetly. Fear appears in mighty legions of shadow, Seeming to topple the kingdoms Before they truly stand. Residual guilt and rage blossom into thunder petals Of woe...                                             ~  The woeful embrace of fear releases me Once more in the midst of expression, And I find rest amidst the golden Boughs of your mind, Chiming in and out a song. 


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I have sincerely tried to format this piece as a poem, but it refuses to view it as such. Any pointers on how to fix this? Thanks in advance.

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