Surviving Dachau


They stepped into the nightmare,

Accompanied by nothing but a greeting.

Their captors walked without a care.

A courtyard was where they were meeting.


They were stripped and humiliated.

Every head became shaven.

Their captors laughed, totally elated.

This was nowhere near a haven.


The labor started; no one could adjust.

Agony progressed, slow and steady.

Bodies decayed and later turned to dust.

Their captors sneered with weapons at the ready.


Even a single falter would cause harm.

Despite fighting to survive, death came.

Everyone knew, so there was no alarm.

Death had come; all knew who to blame.


Seasons passed along the way.

Disaster continued outside.

In the camp, no one could say

What was right if it meant they died.


Then a new monster appeared.

With this came a new fright.

All could feel it as they neared.

The gas chamber caused screams day and night.


Farther and farther the camp spread.

Closer and closer death was coming.

The end could be seen just ahead.

Those still alive kept on humming.


Hundreds, thousands paid a price

That wasn't even theirs to burden.

Consuming them was disease, starvation, and lice.

None of them deserved this; that was certain.


Urgency joined the brutality.

All were confined together.

All wanted to return to normality.

It was impossible for things to be better.


Gunfire halted all the fear.

Confusion settled in.

Prisoners started to weep and tear

As they realized the Nazis wouldn't win.


Many died despite the success.

Many more would survive.

Dachau ceased to progress.

Thousands were grateful to be alive.


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