All alone 

surrounded by the big, blue open sea 

with sand in the toes.  

The sun,

the heat

drains the life within.

There is no where to run or hide.

 Swimming with the dolphins, becoming part of a school of fish 

is all fun and games until reality hits. 

Living on a island with 

no home

no family 

no friends

no material objects

nothing of any kind 

is fun for a weekend when alone time is needed. 

Doing this forever would cause the mind to dissolve to pudding.

Rather tasty, but not for the eating. 

To stop the insanity from emerging one object or person is needed. 

For me, 

my baby brother.

The crying annoys many. 

But his cuteness cures all. 

The island would be filled with the sounds of 

his laughter,

his crying,

his screaming,

his baby language.

The days would never be dull.

 Help would come, but we would survive on the island,

joyfully until that happens.


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