Survival of the Fittest: Part 1

To survive another day is a lifestyle;

We don't live anymore, not when we have to keep our eyes open

Because of the giant targets on our backs that have become a birthmark.

Fight or flight sensitive at night;

Freeze and fright when I see those flashing blue lights.

Hoodie on, hands in my pocket; minding my own business.

You gotta play the game right.

Mama says "don't bring home no babies"

But she prays to God that I come home safely with my heart beating and alive.

Footprints in the snow, I tread lightly.

Don't leave footprints in the snow

They'll know; you know who.

A little bit of snow on you and it's a bullet through that heart

The most important part of you that they don't think you have

Because you're just an animal trying to survive in their game of hide and seek.

Hide in plain sight and you'll be alright,

But it don't matter; I'm still just target practice,

Wanted dead or alive.

Trying to dodge bullets like a butterfly;

But I try to fly away from becoming the scene of the crime,

The crime of being black, the crime of being me in this white society

That cry out all lives matter.

Bullshit, not when I'm prone to be force fed a bullet.

I'm fed up to survive, I just want to breathe, to be alive;

I don't want to be a stereotype,

I just want to enjoy a midnight walk without averting my eyes,

Without having to remember if I told my Mama I loved her

Because they could be my last words I say tonight

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My country



man this is sooo good

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