Surrounded By Poverty

Who is poverty?
Where did it come from?
What will be its remedy?
Why does it cause so much pain?
When can we eradicate its name?
How do we begin to let our lights shine and ruin its fame.?

If I had the power to remove one word from the vocabulary
it would have to be poverty.
I would send it in the dungeon of decadence and replace it with equality;
I would teach the world all it needs to know by cutting off its flow, in my world, it would have no space to grow.

If I had the voice to sing ten thousand songs
Each would send a message to undo poverty’s wrongs
I would use my voice to heal this worldwide disease,
And replace every fabric of its existence with perfect peace.

If I had the key to open any door, I would open the door
of every heart to show that poverty wasn’t there from the start.
I would unlock the conditionings and thoughts that keep us apart, awakening mankind to the realization that there is enough for everyone.

Poverty would be a thing of the past
It would have no future, warranting no nurture.
You and I would live abundantly
Knowing that we made it our duty to end P.O.V.E.R.T.Y.
Young and old

I am surrounded by Poverty,

We need to make changes in Society.






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