Sure I've changed, but...

A strange year indeed
I've grown closer into an adult
from a small child in need

And sure I've changed a lot
but how much can really be new?
could I be a whole new person
could that really be true?

I still believe what I've believed in
I still look and act the same
I still spend too much time on the computer
I still play my little games

what I do though is slightly different
the way I see and think about the what's around me
I think maybe the world is the one that's changing
and so is the person I can be

A lot of stragne things happened
from Russia to a gorilla to Trump
everyone wants to look at this year
and amongst other years call it a dump

But I think this year we've all learned
and come out wiser and stronger
this may not have been everyone's year
but at least we'll all come out stronger


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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