So you're famous and you're looking for advice?

Fame doesn't happen overnight and comes at a price.

And well, the price of fame is absurdly high,

You're on top of the world 'til you fall out of the sky.

One moment it's all perfect, then someone else comes in,

To take your place and then become an old legend.


'Cause when you're a superstar,

Someone's taking pictures everytime you cry or laugh.

And when you're a superstar,

Your hand feels numb whenever someone wants an autograph.

And every single day, there's a new Facebook page,

The crowd's screaming your name, you'll never feel the same



Your ego trips up people you have never met,

You ignore the rumors' scars until after you have bled.

Where did you go wrong, 'cause the media's exploding,

And the stories fly, the speculation seems foreboding.

At the end of the day, some words you can't take back,

That voice inside, screaming why'd you sign that contract!?


'Cause when you're a superstar,

Forget happy ever after if you live in Hollywood.

And when you're a superstar,

People try to bring you down when you start feeling good.

And every single night, there's a new Twitter fight,

Pressure makes you wanna hide, you can't leave if you tried



'Cause when you're a superstar,

Everybody will try to change who you are.

They will shape you and shake you,

And sometimes they will hate you.

People pay a lot of money to see you on a stage,

But forget you when you're nothing but a name on a history page.


'Cause when you're a superstar,

You gain experience and the opportunities abound.

And when you're a superstar,

Try not to worry too much- it has its ups and downs.

And every single year, a new milestone appears,

You're overcoming fears, look back and you see tears


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