Supermom- A Mother's Day Poem


Introducing Supermom,

The most extraordinary of her race,

A Mother Teresa of her time,

Livin' life fast paced,

The most discredited superhero,

With the most distinguished powers,

The ability to run a house and home,

While counseling and listening for hours,

Her compassion knows no bounds or limits,

And her love, it never ends,

Her mind remembers all responsibilities,

And the names and details of all my friends,

The time she spends in our minivan,

Driving to and fro,

Can never be replenished when I thank her,

Although more often than not, I don't,

Days spent with my mother,

Are always days well spent,

Her sense of humor and need for adventure,

Always matter more than where we went,

Due to our consuming, busy schedules,

Setting aside one-on-one time is hard,

Though Mom comes around in my times of need,

Teaching hair curling basics and memorizing those flashcards,

The woman with the plan,

That everyone must achieve,

School (check), Shop (check),

Cook, eat, sleep, repeat,

Supermom is the sole reason,

For peace in this location,

Serving her duty to our family,

With only one annual day of vacation.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

if your mom were to read this poem, she'll be very proud

well said


Thanks! I wrote it for her on mother's day last year, and it brought tears to her eyes :') The only negative has been trying to top that this year.

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