Superficial Observations


United States
33° 25' 5.9376" N, 111° 55' 52.2984" W

It’s amazing how unobservant
Most people are.
Drifting, faces and handshakes

Do they notice he remains still?
Silent within and nearly un-phased
You’re just a slip in his routine

Most would conjure a forced smile
Supporting society’s expectations
But not him. Not today

Others don’t even notice
Me. Neither does he.
Can others not feel the presence
of someone’s eyes laying upon them?
Like I can

How different are we, really?

Making up scenarios
Why they act the way they do
Your best friend slept with his
And now he hates you. Walk away

This society makes me sick
Body image anorexia and low
Confidence, materialistic pushing
Social, media.

College bodies
Breathing testosterone, is intoxicating
Obsessed with the superficial
Nothing deeper. What’s your score?

How will I ever find someone
Who has the right intentions?
Not just looking for the body
But the soul that lies within.


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