Sunshine State


United States
28° 4' 17.6772" N, 82° 43' 26.1264" W

The sun kisses each small soul as it rises
The pathway is lit to every broken dream
Even when Charlie pulled at the weak heart strings
Every smile shines brighter as legs grew stronger

Time paired with money
Now is taught with patience and care
Here reality is like the family film
Nature and friends is just a fingertip away
This home is like paradise, a smothering love
Here is the southern comfort

The leaves do not change their colors
The seasons are just summer and spring
Even if the wind arrives on a cold night
It whispers gently and never chills the bone
There is perseverance in life's tough journey

Here is the Sunshine State,
Dreams never die, they begin



This poem was inspired by Florida. Once I moved from New York to Florida, I fell in love with the people and comforting atmosphere here.

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