Sunshine and a Rainbow




Sunshine and rainbows was all we saw

I loved animals and she loved to draw

She was going to be an artist and I’m going to be a vet

We became best friends the first time we met

Then one day the sun stop shining

My rainbow was gone and I couldn’t stop crying

In just an instant my best friend was gone

And I was left to wonder what I could have done

So many thoughts went through my head

But the one that stayed with me the most was my best friend was dead

That’s what made me realize I wasn’t a kid anymore

I had to accept that even at 17 death can knock on your door

What I know now that I didn’t back then

Is I must live my best life because we never know when it will end

She was the sunshine and the thought of her helps me glow

And because she’s gone, I had to grow.



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