A frisbee flies through the air like a Red fighter jet fighting an enemy fleet.

The laughs of children, teenagers, and adults fill the light green fields with serene joy.

The children begin to play another round of tag while the teens figure out where the next party will be

The adults stress out about their, job, family, and bills they have to pay.

But no matter how dreadful a day can be, every human looks up at the sunrise for inspiration.

A bright orange, whose juices fill the lands, and the people it inhabits, with the energy to perservere

The energy, to find a better tomorrow. To catch that frisbee with one hand. To tag one more child to 

maybe end the cycle of beautiful madness. To talk about the world with a bottle of beer someone got from their parent's cellar.

To discuss how a father of six, can pay six bills by the end of the month.

The Sunrise give us sunshine. Sunshine gives us Happiness.

Happiness isn't just an emotion, it's a drive that can help us all make it to tomorrow

It's what allows friends to think of others, parents to nurture their children,

and it's the catalyst that writes this poem.

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My community
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