On Sunsets

The sun rolls down the crested hill,
The light, it follows after.
The clouds drift by as sandy dunes,
The sky, it echoes laughter
Of days well spent and friends well made,
Of quests before and yon.
The dust of time gets lifted up
As sand, continues on.

The mount emits such wondrous rays,
It lights the wisps above.
And turns the blue sky pink and gold,
To color it with love
Of past and future family
Of journeys to and fro
But like death's kiss and winter's fall
The sand, it too must go.

The globe is spinning, light transforms
From pink to purple-blue,
And hazy stars come out to shine
And represent what's true.
Like sad goodbyes and wounded hearts
To leave both south and north,
All changing things, and time as well
As sand, it must go forth.

Though far away, in distant lands
Lay pieces of our heart,
We meet again, paths reconvene
Our friendships can restart.
The sun, those dead, and God above,
Will rise again, we learn.
And then, and only then, we find
The sands of time return.


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