The Sunset Within


To have no defects or faults, to have no discernible blemishes or shortcomings. To have no triats that diminish the value of something or someone. To be utterly perfect. Untouchable. This is what flawless means. 

Though humas are flawed and imperfect, there is still something in us that is of a sunset.

Sunsets are seen as the most beautiful things in the world. All are different and all are tainted, like you and I. Sunsets get their beautiful colors from the harmful substances we have introduced into this world. Like sunsets we are coruptted by the expectations and pressures of being something we are incapable of being. But it is these varried defects that make us beautiful.

We are different. We come in different shades, we come from different places, we come with different blood in our veins, and different minds that have been infected by the opinions of others who can't find comfort in their own skin.

Sunsets in my eyes are souls of others. Your worst enemy, your best friend, or even you. The most intimate part of you painted across the sky in the most admirable fashion. Your raw being, everything you are illustarted for everyone to see.

And you know what everyone thinks?

"How beautiful."


Because everything you are inside does not compare to what the world wants to see. You are so much more than what you appear to be. Everyone who loves you sees the real you, your soul. That's why they love you so. They see every flaw but every beautiful thing about you too. I think that in every flaw there is something breathtakingly different about you that makes you wonderful and maybe it's these flaws that make us so flawless.

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