Sunflower Sunflower

Sunflower sunflower where have you gone

Your sunlight extinguished from this earth
Your dark pit of growth trembling , shaken to its core by the ferocity of seasons

Sunflower sunflower where have you gone

You have all but taken my sanity to which is broke
A delicate glass you cared for in your petals
Now writhing in the shame of what you've done to me
A delicate glass that is no longer delicate or whole or even exists on this plane of life

Sunflower sunflower where have you gone

Take my will, set my heart free from its brittle cage of bone, do what you wish, but you will not take MY sunlight down with you

Sunflower sunflower where have you run off to

Feel my ferocity instead
Feel my petals rise and bloom in the splendor of spring and summer
My heat radiating to you like old growing moss of a forest, in hope forgiveness can be found in your hollow pit.

You may have yet to grow, but you charred my heart and seeped it's pieces into your pit.
Forgiveness will not be earned
And I shall writhe, now as a dried up, pressed flower, that once was, never to begin again, never to be WHOLE again,
Until you come along again with your bittersweet words of honeysuckle and thorns

Sunflower sunflower, I'm hoping
someone else comes this time


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