How are sunflowers so beautiful when they are nothing but weeds?


Maybe its because beauty is reaching for the sunlight it needs,


Perhaps it's the color of a sun-filled day, 


the color yellow is the way to smile and make the clouds go away.


It's soft petals as light as air,


But don't worry, 


Do not drown in despair.


Sunflowers are just weeds,


Nothing important there.


Except that they can grow anywhere,


They just need some tender love and care. 


So, instead of a red misted rose,


Be the flower of the sun.


Be the son of a flower. 


And the daughter of the day.


Be the light of someone's life


And not the venomous red of a flower that pricks you at the touch.


Because roses bite back, 


So don't forget about those weeds,


Because you never know when you'll need the instantaneous glee.





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