Sunday Mourning


Morning sinks its roots
Deep in my skin
Now I'm too dry
Spent too much time
In the sky crying for 
God on high
But He told me
He told me nothing
But I memorized the pastor's words
And I've always been a good girl
And I constructed myself
An origami heart
Made from pages of the bible

Something borrowed
Something blue
God takes back
The life given to you
I wrote God a letter
And I asked him if it's true
That we all die
And there's nothing we can do

Morning tugs on all my puppet strings
And has me dancing for the devil
But I have two left feet 
And my skin is shades of sin
But he swears he still loves me
It's so easy to believe him
And so hard to talk to God
Maybe that's where I went wrong

I saw a robin
Painting in the sky
And he came to my window
And I asked him, "Who am I?"
Sunday mornings taught me
We're all children of the lord
Who is the cold, cold king
Am I my father's daughter too?

And who are you?

I lit a candle at a cathedral in Salzburg
Hoping that the rain would wash 
The flame down my veins
And make me burn
Melt my soul down
With God's hammer
Break me into
Christ the savior

I was just a child
They were breaking in my feet
Setting in the path of the man who died for me
Soles burning on the asphalt heat
The sun destroys us in the end
Just like everything they preach

Morning sinks its roots
Deep in my skin
Until I give in


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