The Sun is the Problem


United States
37° 57' 35.4456" N, 77° 51' 34.5456" W
United States
37° 57' 35.4456" N, 77° 51' 34.5456" W

Rain comes crashing down as it hits my face

You injure the living

You are too distracted to see pain

Just the colors of drops of rain

You see no harm in hurting the ones you love.

You never understand,

Each drop you throw acts as another tear running down my face.

But you do not see

You are blinded by the sun


You've taken control of the earth!

The atmosphere you created is the reason why it's getting hotter.

The farther you go with the sun

The more power you gain

And the more we will burn.


You were supposed to be my protector,

Snow drifting from the night sky

Lightly kissing me to sleep!

Now you keep me awake

With the sound of rain on my door!

Knocking, knowing the door is locked!

I would have thought I learned my lesson,

I open the door and dance in the rain ....


She was my sign telling me not to go

I know this isn't right, but I open the door because I want you to change!

I want you to turn back into the dad I knew!

Now you are being deceived by your own guilty pleasures.


The man she once walked down the aisle with is not the same man she currently sees

I know you once saw beauty in her


The sunlight won't last forever, eventually the moon will come

By that time the rainbow will be gone and I would have already left


You can't see from my eyes,

You're to-in charge-to change

With that power why would you want to give it up?

Yet you were willing to fight for her and not me

Every day she asks herself "Where is the man I once loved?"

And as you rained she was willing to change!

She was your rainbow after the storm and you never noticed her.


You were too caught up in the power to hurt, the power to burn.

Your focus was on the flame not on the colors

She showed her face, pure and beautiful

You turned your head and hid.

You couldn't stand the sight of her strength.

You abused her, then ran to the sun in search of refuge

You took her power!

She fled from your fury.

I locked the door.


But what good would that do?

You're bigger and stronger

You can break both of us

You left us for the sun

I was here!  She was here!



You don't belong with the sun

She's evil don't you see!

Her warmth and power has captivated you!

Now today, when you make it rain my wounds burn and open in its presence.

I'm falling, but you will never catch me

You were never there for me

So why would you be there now?

You became what you were protecting me from

She is the only one who could brighten my day with her rainbows

She wraps me up with her colors and carries me home

She keeps me safe and loves me

Those were the few things you forgot to do....

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