The Sun Has a Shadow

Her eyes were like shadowsReclusive and tauntingHis eyes were the sunShining, yet dauntingShe had seen him before but they never had spokenUntil one day she left him an affectionate tokenShe'd seen him at his locker, 46-BBut what she left he'd have to wait and seeHe turned on his lock and opened the doorBut you'd never guess what was on the locker's floorA small, leather journal tied with a stringJust the thing she knew he had been wantingThe boy looked around but he couldn't findThe shy girl who'd left this sweet gift behindHe untied the knot and opened to a pageAll that was inside the journal read "From Sage"The boy roamed the school, searching for the nameWhen they finally met, they were one and the sameThis was the girl he had secretly admireDrawing, and dreaming, caring not of her attireHe asked why she'd done itShe said look to look at the endAll that was scrawled was"Do you want to be friends?" 

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