The Sun and The Moon

There was once a siren 

Who had lost its tail and voice 

She fell in love 

But in the end, 

Such love is forbidden 


A little siren, 

Lost in the sea 

Wander aimlessly in the water 

She came upon a man

A prince of the human 


With eyes shine like the sun 

With a smile 

That make her heart ache 

What should she do? 

She is in love. 


She is willing to give up everything

For the man she love

And so she give up her voice 

To breath the air 

And her tail for legs 


A prince in gold 

At the eye of the storm 

He rescue a girl from the sea 

Who he thought is really odd

With eyes shining like the moon 


Through her eyes

He can see the truth

She was smiling

With such sorrow eyes 

And he fell in love 


But such love is forbidden 

By the gods

And so the gods summon the cupid 

To make such love forbidden 

For it is a sin 


The cupid shoot his arrows 

At the Prince heart 

And once it hit 

The Prince was no longer in love 

With the girl, found in the sea



The girl purge herself 

Into the sea

That no longer accepts her 

She drowned 


There was an siren

Who had lost her tail and voice 

And a Prince 

Whose eyes never stop weeping 

Because of the gods' selfish wishes 


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