The Sun

Thu, 12/11/2014 - 11:23 -- Chayle

The silence kills more than I expected it to
Looking back on it all, I start to cry
Wondering how I became this person...I don't even know who
I'm everything I don't want to be and I don't know why
Sociopath, so lost in the dark of this place
My quiet world filled with rains at night
The earth cries for me and no other face
I gave up, it takes too much blood to fight
I'm not good at speaking, but a quil is not a stranger
It's so much easier on paper
Normality wouldn't come near me if you paid her
I was born like this, my mind already lost
If there was ever a time I was alive, I can't remember
I've become a cracked mannequin, but at what cost?
What could have made a person so dazed and somber
Fair weather friends, fake parents, and delusional teachers
Through it all, this is what I've bceome
Whether it's an angel or under-the-bed monster
I wasn't born loving the packed shopping centers or the sun


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