Bruised, unripe; I lay, weeping, imperfect and alone, the toy missing wheels.

An unattained dream, fantasy, and hope, still sealed with putrid rubber cement.

Wanting, hungry, criminal in mind; I radiate damage not even duct-tape can fix.

Glistening, angelic almost, breathing sunlight against the persistent darkness.

Juicy, pretty, gold; molten and omnipresent, I have undergone a metamorphosis.

Special is where I take my aim, wanting to be the first and last thought before dreamland.

Captured, a gilded cage, put up on the pedestal that awaits my weight.

Glowing- I have now eclipsed your mind’s eye, exact in every detail, fatuous and flawless.

Bountiful, producing, no longer am I the movie extra.

Secure in all I am, admired from afar. You are all, and I am everything… before the cracks begin to show.



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