A Summer To Remember


The faint smell of burning plastic, wood and marshmallows,

Artful graffiti surrounded us as a reminder of our more reckless and youthful days.

I looked up at the sky after seeing a coyote pass our bonfire and remembered thinking:

This is a night I’ll never forget.


The sound of the sea roared at our ears and even more so did the coming tide at our feet.

Two hours of traffic was well spent because I had never been here before.

Your head lying in my lap asleep half the way here,

And this place was nothing short of busy paradise with you.


The feel of your arms wrapped about my waist as we both succumbed to a night of friends and sweets.

It was a place I had never been held tighter but never felt freer in my life.

J. Cole rapped on in the background but both of us shared a quiet, beautiful peace between us.

We had nothing to hide and nothing to lose.


The sight of your absence is clear and true.

Summer has ended and where you went,

I could not come.

But summer will be upon us again and I thoughtfully await your return and beautiful smile.


The taste of our dreams is in our mouths and in each other’s hearts.

This is not the end but merely the beginning of our journey.

Miles apart, we have adventures to conquer and memories more to create.

You changed my high school years, our last free summer, and my young life.


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