Summer Love 2022

Spruce trees are borrowing my love

 for the summer 

They took him in the night the way that

 the day takes the fireflies 

Snatched him up by his dreamy

 heart and took it 

from where it slept next to mine 


My love is hiding in the mountains 

Where the trees sing his songs and 

the boys dance because no one 

Can see through the fog of summer 

Magic, that’s his smile. Far away 

In the land of cacti and freedom 


The spruce trees took my love for 

Their summer games. No thought 

For sad girls in mill towns who want 

To dance the way lobsters, swans, 

Bunnies do. To sing the way only 

Lovebirds can. To feel whole, the 

Way only two people together can. 


The spruce trees stole my love for 

the summer. What’s more is

They stole the last puzzle piece, 

The Cocoon, the sunshine from 

Summer and they hid it in the 




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