Summer Fireworks

Sun, 08/11/2013 - 21:46 -- dizzydj


 One odd day in summer, a boy meets a firework.     Salt-scented wind tosses her red hair around her    Face, creating a frame for her bright eyes, her freckled    Nose, her joyous smile.  She begins to dance away, letting   The wind catch her bright summer dress, and he watches    On, wary, uncertain.  Her bare feet splash into the roaring    Waves, but his toes remain where they are, gripping    The sand as his nerves grip him.  She is lost in her own    World, a world that consists of the sand and the sea and    The setting sun and nothing more.  He stands he stares he 
   Waits he wants he wishes—she is next to him now.  Her    Wet feet are coated in sand.  Her hands grab his and she    Drags him with her.  His toes lose their grip on the    Sand and he stumbles over his own feet trying to keep    Up with her wild rhythm.  They dash to the shore in    A haphazard dance.  Icy water rushes to meet his ankles    And sends chills up his spine.  She pulls him farther into    The ocean, moving with the waves.  The bottom of his    Shorts and the edges of her dress skim the water’s surface.     The sky darkens, the wind quickens.  She pulls closer to    Him.  In the last hint of daylight, her sandy red lips press    To meet his trembling ones.  She smiles again and pulls him    Back into the sand, letting the wind dry their legs.  He dances   With her this time.  She is special, she is different, she is gone    Again, lasting no longer than a firework.


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