Summer Days

Sat, 06/01/2013 - 16:41 -- Myther

the clouds float slowly by
wispy, fluffy white
the grass prickles at the skin
the wind teases the hair
rays of sunshine lazing by
the whispering of locust wings
scents of summer floating through
berries coming in
birds rustling in their nests
prepping everything
the farmer checking day by day
as his crop starts closing in
but hen summer starts to close
the locusts quiet
the birds begin to leave
summer days are ended
berries fade way
as the apples and the corn start to come
the world begins to spin away
as summer struggles on
the cloud begin to swirl
to darken and to change
and summer slips away
and the copper leaves
swirl to herald
autumn as it marches in
and sweeps under the rug
the lazy rays of sun
for the brittle shine


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