Summer of African American Literature

Thu, 07/04/2013 - 05:10 -- Shades


Repititious summers drive denial home for one more night.
An indestructible contradiction prays past sarcasm
              to avoid the sisyphian experience. For to lack in mutual feeling inside one’s own thoughts drags the sandals through the water.
Emerging into a ‘butterfly’ can wait while recreational submersion allows swimming to cool off.
I see my colors. Do you today? - I’m not asking to hold your hand through an ephinanic realization because I know you know I’ll be here.
“I simply want you to admit change!”
The faint glow of the night light. The faint glow of the promises risen above. Depending on the shade of darkness we can find the little one brighter.
Liquor. Caught in the in between. Looking away from 2 seperate worlds…
She’ll put on her shades & smile & smile.


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