Sum of my Parts

Sun, 05/19/2013 - 17:57 -- decz22


United States
35° 0' 26.676" N, 81° 13' 47.4708" W

Three siblings
Two parents
Six grandparents
Sixteen years old
She's such a sweet girl, a joy to have in class
She gets on well with the other children
She is so intelligent and kind, never a bad word to say about anyone
I liked your hair better long
Why are you dressed so nice today
Her freckles are like sprinkles in icing
Five years of choir
Six with a camera
Fainted once, nearly twice
Three cuts at a time
It doesn't hurt me
You're not very good at hiding it
He held me tighter than anyone else ever has
Two years of walking
Thirty minutes at a time
I haven't trusted a boy since
One year
Five sections in one high school
What's that answer
You got a nice rack, no offense
You got a problem girlie
Hey why don't you back off
There was protection within dangerous company
You are too intelligent for this
What are you doing here in Business
One year
Another year
Does a person equal the total of their parts, or do they surpass them
I know who I am
Three younger siblings
Do others see
It's so obvious when you're angry
You're paranoid
I don't understand why you're upset
Stop worrying
Three states in vivid memory
It's all the same
Yet parent to daughter
Sweetheart you are unique
Never stop fighting the good fight
I am on your side
Sister to me
We cannot argue for more than ten very violent minutes
Brothers to me
Sit and watch with us
What people think does not matter to me
What they say and what they do matters
Family of six
We only had each other
Family unit
Lonely child
Shady companion
Ally in misery
I am the result of many people, not the total of my parts


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