Suicide Watch


Free me from these labored breaths

These pins and needles in my chest.


Free me from the need to decide

To stay or leave you with the falling tide.


How fleeting is this "love" we share,

Or do you not notice when I am not there?


Does it pain you as much as it does me,

This wallowing in misery?


Dramatic teenage girl - she slits her wrists

Trying to escape from this.


She cries again but bites back words

You cannot ask whom she is upset towards.


The same old story - a fool in love again,

But all for naught and all in vain.


The "happy" boy with the empty smile

Is bleeding on the kitchen tile.


He loved a girl and she loved him - or so he thought

And so he ties a hangman's knot.


This lovely child of only eight,

Wants to escape this world so full of hate.


Pink for girls and blue for boys,

She "should not play with her brother's toys".


On this boy's face another bruise,

You cannot see he's been abused.


His father's home, he locks the door,

and he pins him to the bathroom floor.


This world is not a faerie tale

Sometimes the evil with prevail,

So open your eyes and do not judge

Because sometimes the pain becomes too much.


Scarlet in Midnight

Thank you for putting a slightly taboo topic into touching words. 

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