We wanted our lives to have
A little adventure thrown in it
We set off in to the marshes
In search for the exciting and
Terrifying occult screen display
We telepath some thrilling adventures
In a heart thumping adrenaline muddle
With climax of fears running in our blood
We'd crave for a man crushing pythons
Sight for a nest of giant tarantulas
We've been too constraint to know
When to back down under
The best of circumstances as
We subjugate our suicidal mission
Bravery for the test of
Youthful courage and strength
Haul us out of our paper and pen
In to a monstrous creek
With its big black water abyss
Here there's seem to be those
Mind unsettling eyes everywhere
Might as well go down with our guns
In mortician forever man crocodile city
That wanted nothing but the glimpse
Of our sultry flesh
We squeeze the stupid trigger and
Fire on a missing shot
There never seem to be nowhere
Out of the goring elegy alive
We'd beg on the pen to look us somewhere
As we scramble on those skulls
That continue with eliciting halo sounds
Sending us numb in terrorizing grotesque
Life would have suck even more
In its high handed hollows
Without off and on adventure
That could spell trouble
And makes us polarize with fear
With its ink that bleeds red to
Take you up on those heart wishing
Secret fantasies
In to the down the rope mountain
That would go down in history
©Nature Boy

This poem is about: 
Our world


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