No one to turn to...Alone in this world friends who you thought were your friends...not...They left you in the dark alone see these are the things that leads you to this sinful word. The sadness that I have been exposed to, it cannot be helped there is no light at the end of the tunnel , no way out, just lost,pain is all I see, suicide seems like the only way out, my only chance of happiness, happiness is so rare in my life I almost forgot what it feels know maybe when I'm gone somebody will care for me why me why do I have to feel less of a person.... life should be filled with joy....just playing! wrong answer life is hateful, unsympathetic,and cruel... the water that runs from my eyes will tell a story that will make you weep yeah I'm young but who said young people couldn't be hurt too when you care for people and it's just thrown up in your face. Do you know how that makes me feel? My trust, everything destroyed but at the end of the day to suicide was the case and no one cared enough to say you are worth somebody, don't do it it's going to be okay, so that makes suicide okay right? no one will miss me when I'm gone not you, not you , I know you, you're the one who did the most hurt to me so when I'm gone, don't you dare cry or weep or even say a peep because you did not care and you wasn't there so suicide was indeed the case. This is what people don't know about me. But I do have faith and is here to stand and breath to tell my story it wasn't worth it and isn't worth it but this part of me nobody will ever see suicide was the case but just for a quick second because I snapped back into reality and realized that i have so much to live for.

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