Success Takes Sacrifice


An acquaintance questioned, why did you pick college?

“Get a job”, then it’s one after another

Measured improvement, advancement of knowledge

It’s not essential for a single mother?


I said I could stay here, chase bosses

While time gradually marches on

My tactics are shaping up, sick of losses

My wish for growth is not gone


An acquaintance questioned my degree in Liberal Arts

“On no occasion increased your stroke of luck”

My study gave me benefit, not by fits and starts

Upraised me above the cynical ruck


 New competences, lifetime goals

Cash is what marks our city obsessional

The notion of college, misconstrued by urban souls

What about cognitive development, becoming professional?


Albeit a steady job or being qualified

There’s only so far you can scrutinize

College a burden? It’s ultimately mollified

There are many ways to revolutionize


An acquaintance debriefed debt and finance

“And revolutionize?” Yea, you and your career

That’s a fair donation and a better chance

Than a domestic worker or a cashier


Don't expect success without sacrifice

While you endure a job you hate

I hope everyone would take this advice

Grasp your potential, follow fate


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