I want to succeed…

In school, my career, and in life overall.

But trying to fulfill these desires can be tough.

In class, pretending to pay attention.

Because what you’re learning you will sometimes never use again.


Teachers should teach in a more understanding matter.

Guide students on a path of discovery.

Help them find what their passion is.

Help them figure out what they want to do to succeed in the future.


Success is very important and should not be ignored.

Students these days aren’t willing to work.

And I know because sometimes I am one of those students.

I say teachers should be more interesting.

Do things for students to have fun and experience better.

I’m not saying to make school a joke or less important.


There should be a limit between work and fun.

But have fun with doing the work.

Teaching should not be boring for the teachers.

And learning should not be unexciting either for the students.

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