Strive to succeed. Aim higher, reach higher. Learn more, do more, be better than you can be. Inspiration is motivation and motivation is inspiration. Just like success is independence while independence is success. Anything is possible you just have to believe you can do it. How will your dreams come true if you never strive to make them happen? No one will reach for the stars for you, because it’s only you who wants to reach the stars.


You have a plan, put it to use. You have a brain wired to the brims of success. You are a winner, if only you believe you are. Rise from the ashes, if you were onced stoned to the ground, told you could never reach your goals and morals because of your ethnicity or the clothes you wore or even the religion you practiced. Success isn’t defined as making money. No, success is having the ability to get back up even after you’ve fallen, being called a failure.


They may think you’re done for, but, you get back up and say, ‘ I didn’t come this far, to fall now’. Now I’m not saying go around being cocky about it. No, I’m saying constantly remind yourself that you can always win, without actually winning. When I say, you can win without winning, I’m saying never be afraid to fail, because failure is a result of improvement sometimes. You learn from it, and you become better. I see you got a bit dirt on your face, just proves how hard you’ve worked. Let me give you some advice, don’t just mindlessly work hard but, work smartly.


The years past and you’ve found yourself in quite the dilemma, you don’t know who you want to be, what you want to become, and depression takes over suffocating all reasonable opportunities for you to jump start into beginning what may be of your future.


Your life is your own story the raw sense of being original is your identity, never do you ever let anyone tell you who you are, because only two beings can identify who you are, that is yourself and god. Know that inspiration may come from good people but, motivation comes from even greater people.


Aim higher, reach higher. Learn more, do more, be better than you can be. Because inspiration is motivation and motivation is inspiration. Success is independence, and independence is success.


Remember, strive to succeed.

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