A Subtle Eviction Notice

Dear, the Universe


I wish you good travels on your journey

Reaching outwards towards the edges

the desolate pits of nonexistence

Tumbling over like caressing weeds


Though how peculiar you are to be

Chaptering a corner of existence

Wrapped around all I’ve known, stories

bigger than my life, my world


But deep in the dusk you seem so small

Cusped into my hands despite

Though it’s harder to bask in your contrast

As close-called anguish arises nearby


And Nearby seems to be getting nearer.

Foes forgotten inch closer to sight

And Farther seems to be getting farther.

As friends drift unknowingly away in the night


And yes, you house the stars illuminating the sky

But inside you, I breathe and house my home

A home carved out of warmth and etched into grief

And I have no intentions of leaving


From your resident,


This poem is about: 
Our world


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