Substitute Teachers

The desk is neat; the coat's unseen

No teacher there - high five!

You cheer, you applaud, it's a happy scene

As you wait for the sub to arrive.

Who will it be this time,

Mr. Strict or Mr. Nice?

Perhaps it's Ms. Crazypants

who you've already had twice.

Mr. Strict gives out worksheets galore

but doesn't allow you to talk

You ask him a question about number four

but all he can do is gawk.

Mr. Nice lets you do as you please

He's a sweet guy, hunched and small

Which is why he's begging at the knees

by the time class ends, it's too loud at all

Ms. Crazypants, she was a wild one

who couldn't make up her mind

good cop, bad cop, or none?

She was really hard to define.

Sometimes you have to ask yourself:

"Did the board get these people off the street?"

Maybe it was a facebook message?

An announcement? A tweet?







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