My soul is overflowing with the capacity of sin,sin that we know as has been,sleeping dogs and changing tides are just some of the lies we find,to liberate ourselfs from the truth ,moving in and out of time in time to find a hidden route,we run and run then we complain and turn this pleasure we call life in to a blame game,pointing fingers and trusting those who behind the scenes are ready to impose ,just jump in our lives and snatch our souls and we let it happen one two times fold,the calamity of our sin becomes the premise on which we try not to see,that in the end your only destroying what you thought was yours,then you start to cry cry out to God as your pores do on a sun scorched day ,and then all you can do is submit but it will end your life but you don't realize its your characteristics that needs to die because once it dies your personality can fly. 


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