The Studies of Science

Tue, 01/17/2017 - 12:35 -- At90914

A tree has a many braches, 

And roots that run deep, 

A many leave it launches,

And water that need seep, 

As well as sunlight to help it grow, 

The more it grows, the more you see, 

And if it doesn't grow, the less you know, 

The tree is a brilliant thing you see. 


But the tree is not a tree, 

Don't you see? 

It represents something that need grow, 

And all the things we don't know. 

But we intend to discover the unknown, 

To bring it to light, and to make it known


Why do mountains grow so high, 

Why birds fly so high up in the sky, 

Why we are made up of cells, 

And why plant cells have walls. 

Why DNA is made up of nuclotides, 

And why the moon controls the high and low tides. 

All were things once unknown, 

And because we have grown, 

They are now, all known. 


We are needed to help it grow, 

And to find out all the things we don't know. 

We are the water and the sunlight, 

Without our minds keen and bright, 

We can not discover new things, 

That effect all of us and everything. 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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