Student 123

My Name is
Student 123
My Weighted GPA
is 4.2
a 3.9
And ACT?
Grades Fall
into A's
a constant variable
a constant rate
5s in all APS,
have won 6 scholarships.
Student 123,
who are you?
and as I compose,
I repeat,
I am student 123,
i write my essay
such a relief,
that these people will judge me on a piece of paper
that is mostly composed of numbers,
because I AM Student 123,
and nothing else and nothing more,
I read and write,
grade me based on my 3.5,
who are you? who are you?

i can't understand

such a question is too hard,
Y-O-U is personified,
but I can't understand
because I am numbers,
specifically 123
is that not the YOU that is Me?
should I explain with letters?
I have As and Bs but I don't have C's, Ds or Fs
How could I explain?
Does it matter?
Does it matter?
A-B-C-D-F doesn't spell a thing!

who are you? who are you?

I thought I was HUMAN
but my numeric values are my net worth
so H-U-M-A-N --- it doesn't apply to ME
as in YOU as in Student 123.



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